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Wood products

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Special effects products

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News and events

Wood: from nature to things

'Wood: from nature to things' Let's use wood. Let's protect the environment. This is the main principle at the base of “Wood: from nature to things”, event born in 2013 of which MaxColor is a testimonial. “Wood: from nature to things” is a no profit event wanted and invented by [...]

The birth of Woodfriend

Woodfriend was born in 2014 MaxColor is one of the founding companies of WOODfriend network. WOODfriend is the result of the will of seven companies to promote a new sensibility for wood, realising products with a different view, with a useful and accessible design, which totally demonstrate its potentiality [...]

International meeting of the Landscape and Garden

Event "Masters of landscape – International meeting of the landscape" In September 2015, in occasion of “Masters of landscape- International meeting of the Landscape and Garden” event in Bergamo, MaxColor and other 22 important companies in the wood sector, joined [...]

Max Color and IVAS Meeting for Termok8 and Vita Sana

Training meeting Training course organised in December 2014 at MaxColor in collaboration with IVAS to present Termok8 and Vita Sana.