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Ennoblement of OSB

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a technical wood based board, composed by strands, glued together with a synthetic resin, successively pressed in different layers, in order to optimize the resistance and the stability. It has a high mechanical resistance, rigidity, a good workability and it is easy to glue. The ecological impact is minimum. Big diameter trees are not used to produce it. Only small diameter wood coming from sustainable ecological development forests (usually pine and fir) is employed for this process. The same board could be completely recycled. It also presents an important aspect: the price. So, why do not use it more?

The multi-valence of OSB allows its use for many ends: walls covering, floors, setting up for exhibition stands, shops and locals, part of internal furniture.

We studied varnishing cycles which transform the aspect of OSB. The final effect and the news which can represent in our market let the particular in OSB to become the adorning element of a furniture, if not the main subject!

Ennoblement of MDF

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is a wood derivative and, differently from OSB, is already largely used in the furniture world. Max Color has created a particular type of varnishing cycle that is different from the usual lacquered cycle. The final result is the imitation of an old-looking effect, perfect for classical refined and vintage furniture, which echoes the French tradition flavour.

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