Over 30 years of experience
For over 30 years, Max Color has operated in the field of varnishing products and special decorative effects for design and Italian industry. The style and the colour of the decorative finishes of the furniture Italian industry and of the Made in Italy interior design accessories are the aim of Max Color research and production.
Our former artisan dimension of the first 80’s has constantly developed and nowadays Max Color is one of the most dynamic excellences of Made in Italy. We continually increase our production following the more dynamic part of small and medium enterprises of Northern Italy’s manufacturing sector. Max Color is located between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, the first and the second European provinces which, according to “Bergamo European Manufacturing Industry” study (made in 2015 by Edison Foundation and from Industrialists Association) data, produce the most surplus value and export.
Our business membership to design and Made in Italy industries came true as we adhered to “Wood Friend”, a business network born in 2014. Max Color specialization and excellence points are continuously developing in order to satisfy export industries in the fields of home furnishings, design, fashion and trend.
Max Color works for a selective, innovative and dynamic market, which requires qualitative and eco-friendly solutions. Thanks to our laboratory technicians specialisation and competence with reproducibility (because of the use of a spectrophotometer and of industrial tintometrical dosage automatic systems), we can offer customers a complete consultation about the finishes, the varnishing cycles and the choice of colours. Our laboratory can create every kind of RAL, NCS, Pantone colour. We directly manage the products delivery thanks to our efficient vehicles fleet. The delivery (even daily), covers all the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Mantova, Lecco and Brianza.
At the heart of our activity, there’s the R&D, Research and Development, which enables us to elaborate new special varnishing cycles and innovative effects, introducing new materials and modernising the finishing concept.
Max Color has always paid particular attention to environment protection. Thanks to a modern technology, the harmful components have considerably been reduced and, in many cases, eliminated. Our water based products are, indeed, with no toxic or harmful substances and no heavy metals. They have been studied to reduce the organic solvent emission at the lowest level, protecting both user’s health and environment. We do our best to respect nature.
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