Colorimetry, consultation and products delivery


The study of the colour and of chromatic interactions are our everyday reference for the preparation of colours and dye samples. Our chemical laboratory is specialized in colour producing techniques. Crucial factors for the possibility of success with customers of our varnished products lie in appropriate colours harmony or in combinations of two or three harmonic colours: colour is the emotion motor that brings every customer to choose and buy any objects.
All RAL, NCS and Pantone colours are created in every degree of opacity and produced from the smallest to the biggest amount.
The use of the spectrophotometer in the analysis of the colour guarantees the final result quality and the use of the most economically convenient mix of pigments for every single formulation. We manage our data with an appropriate software which allows a correct archiving of formulations and the reproducibility of sample colour in every moment. In this way we can reproduce a colour even after many months on the basis of the original formulation; after a first control of the delta with the spectrophotometer, we do a final control with the use of different frequency lamps, which guarantee the perfect reproduction of every colour. The laboratory of sample dyes production and special effects application is Max Color heart, as research and colour are our heart.



Max Color is at the service of the customers. Consultation, technical competence and prompt response are the three main points at the basis of our business. Our company can offer a proper consultation to help customers to choose the most suitable varnishing cycle on the basis of their requirements,  the time needed and the varnishing product application systems. To serve customers at our best, we have three retail stores and many agents, in particular in Bergamo and Brescia; this is to give the possibility to offer a daily technical assistance.

Products delivery

Max Color represents an excellence in customer’s service.
To serve customers at our best, we have three retail stores, strategically expanded on the territory of Bergamo.
We offer a products delivery service thanks to our wide vehicles fleet. We deliver material in rapid times in order to follow the trends of a more exigent market. We offer a service of home delivery (even day by day) at your industries, paint shops, carpentries, joiner’s shops and construction sites. By means of our international couriers, Max Color operates also abroad, in particular in Germany, Russia and Latin America.