Woodfriend was born in 2014

MaxColor is one of the founding companies of WOODfriend network.

WOODfriend is the result of the will of seven companies to promote a new sensibility for wood, realising products with a different view, with a useful and accessible design, which totally demonstrate its potentiality and beauty.

WOODfriend wants to be a pole of attraction for the opportunities and the training of young architects and designers and, through a collaboration with MULAB (research study centre of Tino Sana Museum Foundation), where business experiences and new designers ideas meet. The prototypation is close to the study step, in a continuous and active exchange.

WOODfriend nowadays proposes “Gardening”, which reassesses the way of living the garden, as an extension of internal spaces, using products which fit with the naturalness of the external space; it proposes also “Woodness”, with the use of products which allow men to get close to wood again, as a positive and curative element.